Fritz Horstman (MFAST ‘ 11) compiles a group of recordings, “On Hearing Water”, for The Art Section

“Water is a common source of inspiration in the histories of art and music. In compiling this group of recordings, I was faced with an immensely engaging, but daunting body of work. My selections are by no means authoritative. I have not attempted to summarize the myriad approaches to this ubiquitous topic. I will instead highlight the sound of water as it has been evoked, isolated and imitated in a few specific artistic and musical projects. I focus on ways in which people have let the sounds of water infuse, compel, and perhaps even dominate their work.”   -Fritz Horstman

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“Targets and Trophies”: Damon Arhos (MFAST ’17) featured on Matthew Shepard Foundation blog

Damon Arhos reflects on his recent thesis exhibition,  Targets and Trophies,  on, the official blog of the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

Through a series of mixed media two and three-dimensional works, Arhos conducted an investigation of gay culture as an ongoing target of discrimination and violence.  ­­­

“As a studio artist, I wanted to emphasize how horrific events often make things better for others — how the tragedy of someone like Shepard (or Harvey Milk, whose portrait I also painted for the exhibition) also creates hope.”

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Brett Wallace (MFAST ’19) launches new project, “Reserved for Engineering”, in Brooklyn

Part product launch, part exhibition, part interactive event, “Reserved for Engineering” is a meditation on the speed, quantity, and spectacle of production and distribution. Wallace intervenes in these systems by addressing labor through the self-created company “Amazing”, recording testimonials of employees hired by the artist, and displaying a video of the first delivery of artwork by drone. Viewers will shuffle through the gallery turned Fulfillment Center, navigating a space of customized pizza boxes, drone surveillance, and employees sorting and stocking cultural goods, all the while feeding the network created by the space that is “Reserved for Engineering”.

This Friday or Next Friday is at 89 Bridge Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

On view through December 2, 2016.

By appointment:

To read the review in Art Critical of Wallace’s recent solo exhibition “If This, Then What” at ART 3, click here. You can view installation photos on ART 3 Gallery’s website

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