Laura Borneman (MFAST ‘14), Nikki Moser (MFAST ‘14) and Dianne Pappas (MFAST ‘12) present “Three Notions of Work”

“Three Notions of Work” is an exhibition that grew out of an on-going dialogue that started between Laura Borneman, Nikki Moser and Dianne Pappas while at MICA. This conversation continues to challenge and test their work today.

Questions of home, neighborhood, and community in relation to inclusion and exclusion; research surrounding the historical intersection of philosophy, religion and architecture in our contemporary prison system; and the system of an archive as a means of self-organizing are distinct themes of the exhibition.

“Three Notions of Work” will be on view through April 29, 2017 at STEAMworks in Scranton, PA. For more information, please contact Nikki Moser at