Exhibition by MFAST faculty member, Renee van der Stelt, at Elon University

Renee van der Stelt’s “Neck of the Woods: Marrow” is now on view at Gallery 406, Arts West at Elon University through March 9, 2018. The gallery is located at 806 W. Haggard Ave in Elon, North Carolina.

Graphite drawings and objects approach the often hidden pith of rural landscapes in the United States. The exhibition presents a portrait of the subtle ways in which territories are protected and perpetuate tight borders of control through culturally inherited forms of shame and fear. Van der Stelt’s drawings and objects reveal a complex relationship to the rural landscape as it relates to legal control, trust, and deeds. The artist uses images of her body to explore a direct relationship to the land, and looks for new ways to engage with openness and flexibility. Politics of space and an interest in maps informs the art works in this exhibition.

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Annie Waldrop (MFAST ‘03) solo exhibition in Roanoke, Virginia

Annie Waldrop’s “The Gestation Series” is on view at Alexander/Heath Contemporary through February 24, 2018.

Waldrop’s paintings and mixed media works focus on the idea that we are “all seeds of potential”.

Alexander/Heath Contemporary is located at 425 Campbell Avenue SW in Roanoke, Virginia.

“Perennials”: an exhibition curated by Suzy Kopf (MFAST ’16)

Now through March 10, 2018 King Street Gallery at Montgomery College will host “Perennials”, a group exhibition curated by Suzy Kopf. Kopf will be giving a talk on February 8 at 5pm in the auditorium. This event is sponsored by the Department of Visual and Performing Arts.

In her curatorial statement Kopf writes, “A perennial is broadly defined as a plant that lives for more than two years, but many perennials live much longer than that. They are the survivors of the plant world, spreading out and taking hold wherever they can. Perennials fight to survive, season after season, year after year in a world that might not want them. What can we learn from them?”

Montgomery College’s Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus is located at 7600 Takoma Avenue in Takoma Park, Maryland.

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David Shurbutt (MFAST ’17) featured in solo exhibition at University of North Carolina Asheville

On Friday, January 19 from 6-8pm an opening reception will be held for visiting artist David Shurbutt on the Second Floor Gallery in Owen Hall at the University of North Carolina Asheville. This show will run through February 23, 2018.

I am an Art Worker who uses inexpensive, non-traditional materials to make non-commercial objects and performances. My tools are my body, a pair of scissors, and a brush. The forms and textures of my objects are inherent in the qualities of my chosen materials. My medium is multidisciplinary. My intentions are to metaphorically expose the effects of hypermodernity and globalism on human and other animal populations and to criticize the commercialization and commodification of art under late capitalism.

–David Shurbutt

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Kristin Kovak (MFAST ‘10): Dual Solo-Exhibitions at 707 and 709 Penn Galleries in Pittsburgh

Two solo-exhibitions by Kristin Kovak opened in Pittsburgh’s 707 and 709 Penn Galleries on Saturday December 2, 2017 and will be on view through January 28, 2018.

On Looking” represents highlights from an ongoing series of paintings exploring the visual idiosyncrasies of the heightened museum environment and the artifacts it houses.

White Noise” a collection of works on paper and site-specific wall drawings that searches for a balance between the chaos of perceptual noise and the subtlety of nuanced observation.

In our current political climate, contradictory observations are amassed and arranged into potential truths. We attempt to discern moments of clarity from moments of fabricated design. Faced with incompatible interpretations, we struggle in a web of polarized black and white realities spun so densely as to appear gray. – Kristin Kovak

Kristin Kovak lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA where she is an Assistant Teaching Professor and Senior Associate Dean of the College of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University.

Click here to read the artist’s statement on “On Looking”, and here to read about “White Noise”.

Krisitn Kovak painting

“The Bright Side”: a solo exhibition by Sarah Clough (’17)

Sarah Clough’s “The Bright Side” is now on view at Mainsite Contemporary Art in Norman, Oklahoma and will run through January 12, 2018. This exhibition is hosted by the Norman Arts Council.

The exhibition includes a gallery-wide mural and a series of paintings, all rooted in graphology and semiotics. The works begin as words, a nod to her background in language, taking on both a chaotic but also orderly quality further twisted by the use of fluorescent and phosphorescent paint.

“These works are meant to be in sunlight, under ultraviolet light and in the dark,” Clough said, noting that visitors will be given special ultraviolet flashlight with which to uncover the layers behind the pieces and larger mural. “These works allow viewers to control their experience: What is illuminated, what is unearthed and what remains buried or unexamined.”

Mainsite Contemporary Art is located at 122 E Main St. in Norman, Oklahoma.

“Facing Reality”: a solo exhibition by Chinedu Felix Osuchukwu (MFAST ’18) in Washington, D.C.

A large selection of paintings and sculptures from the past 15 years will be featured in a solo exhibition at Vivid Solutions Gallery in Washington, DC.

The works in “Facing Reality” represent Osuchukwu’s reflection on being an arts educator in the District, and the reciprocal relationship between teacher and student.

The exhibition opens on December 8, 2017 with a reception from 6-9pm, and runs until January 13, 2018.

Vivid Solutions Gallery is located at 2208 Martin Luther King Junior Ave. SE, Washington DC, 20020.

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