Laura Borneman (MFAST ‘14) presents solo exhibition, “Varied Perspectives”, at Buffalo Arts Studio

In Laura Borneman’s work, perception of place is fictionalized into invented structures and scenes that are not literal, but are expressive of states of mind, imagination and fantasy. Working between sculptural form, painting and drawing allows the artist to explore the psychological aspects of interior space, whether it be imaginative or reflective of actual structures. By stacking a variety of modalities she addresses the absurdities of the human condition and the urgent search for stability and clarity through everyday pursuits. Borneman juxtaposes shapes and structures that suggest impermanence, giving shape to anxieties. Rather that presenting clear answers or sound solutions, the work accepts the absence of any singular path or prescriptive guideline for seeing and experiencing the world.

On view through August 4, 2017.

For more information, click here.



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