Emily Harris (MFAST ‘13) discusses her recent work on Yale University Radio

Interview by Brainard Carey, Apr 10, 2017

“Do I dare disturb the universe?” -T.S. Eliot

This perhaps is a question we all must ask ourselves. It is comfortable to stick with the status quo, refusing to rock the boat for fear of capsizing. But a life lived quietly, it can be argued, is a life barely lived. The fear of being wrong or stumbling as we step must not keep us from veering off the path when something interesting beckons from the bramble. In art, and in all things, it is necessary to cultivate the courage to disturb the universe. Otherwise we will spin on in the same circle forever.

Emily Harris recently mounted an exhibition in Montclair, New Jersey. While preparing the space, Harris was warned that it might be so cold she would see her breath. This idea of making the invisible visible (as in seeing one’s breath) has been a theme throughout her work and so she was inspired by this piece of information. Her exhibition, “When Our Breaths Run”, captures exhales in blown glass. Harris sees this as the first in a series of work in which she will make breath visible. She plans to collaborate with Brooklyn-based vocalist Anais Maviel. Harris has a strong interest in creating alternative art spaces. The reason for this is, in part so that the audience “will discover the interrelationship of their part in the space around them.”

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