Erin Barach (MFAST ’14) and Sarah Clough’s (MFAST ’17) “Groundwork” opens at Make Studio in Baltimore on November 4, 2016

Using very different approaches, both artists make work about the fundamental connotations of physical sensation. In this exhibition, visitors are invited to participate and question the boundaries of their optic and haptic experiences. The artists explore the concept of what is happening “below the surface”, interpreted through refracted light, semiotics, layered textures, or the ground on which we stand.

On November 4th, during First Fridays in Hampden, there will be an opening reception from 6-8pm followed by sound/musical performances from 8-10pm including Brooklyn based There Are No Thieves in This Town. The exhibition remains on view through the month of November.

Make Studio is located at 326 Keswick Rd., Baltimore, MD 21211

For more information on the artists, visit and


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