Davin Watne (MFAST ‘13) in a solo show at Plug Projects in Kansas City, MO

Reify/Deify, a solo exhibition of works by Davin Watne, consists of an amalgamation of sculpture, installation, drawing and collage that seeks to maintain a relationship to veneration and ritual. Watne’s interests lie in the relations between various mythologies, the unhinging of cultural programming, and the process of essentializing heterogeneity. Reify/Deify moves between neo-capitalist consumer advertising aesthetics, Northwest Coast Native American visual forms, and stream of consciousness drawing to generate a ritual-like space.

Davin Watne, based in Kansas City, teaches painting and drawing at the University of Missouri Kansas City. He is also the head curator and director of the UMKC Gallery of Art.

Reify/Deify runs March 20 through April 18.

Opening reception: Friday, March 20 from 7-9 p.m.

For more information visit www.plugprojects.com


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