Renee van der Stelt showing at the Creative Alliance

Alongside Lyle Kissack and Gerald Ross, MFAST faculty member Renee van der Stelt is included in a three-person exhibition, “3 Strategies for Surprise,” opening this week at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore. The work of these three artists spans a wide spectrum of contemporary art practice, yet each favors a process and outcome that in many ways relies on the element of “surprise.” The nature of the drawn line and its capacity to express ideas is a vital component to the work of each artist.

Renee van der Stelt creates luminous drawings for the wall – grids that are painstakingly precise as well as drawings that rely on the randomness found in nature. The sterile data based on the human condition creates an irony paired with the precarious situations that arise within any given day.

“3 Strategies for Surprise” Opening Reception: Saturday, October 11th, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Gallery talk: Saturday, November 15th at 5:00 pm

Creative Alliance

The exhibition will be punctuated by 3 participatory drawing workshops hosted by Renee van der Stelt.  Participation is limited. For a description of each workshop and to register, please visit:


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