Sculpture by Fritz Horstman (MFAST ’11) featured in a two-person show

Formwork for the Gowanus Canal, a new piece by MFAST alumnus Fritz Horstman, will be featured in a two-person show at Art Lot in Brooklyn, New York. His sculpture will be shown alongside the work of Abraham McNally.

Fritz Horstman is a multi-media artist who lives and works in Bethany, Connecticut. His work has been exhibited in Baltimore, Chicago, New Haven, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Paris.  His drawings, photographs, videos, sculptures, installations, sound projects, collaborations, and performances focus on the seam where humans separate themselves from nature.

In making models, and now larger versions of construction formworks, I am drawing attention to a space that is created by the abstract form of an object.  When an actual formwork is completed on a construction site, the space is then filled with concrete and the wooden formwork is stripped away.  The concrete is often then backfilled, and so becomes invisible.  That formwork to which I am attracted is a doubly abstracted non-space.  I memorialize that non-space in my models, which will never be filled with concrete or stripped away.  I have extended the non-space idea to the natural forms of rivers and streams, making formworks that follow the shapes of the water.  In this treatment, the natural form becomes the non-space.

“Memory Lot: Fritz Horstman and Abraham McNally” opens Sunday, September 28 from 2-5 at Art Lot Brooklyn and will be on view through March 2015.

For more information, visit: Art Lot


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