MFA in Studio Art Thesis Exhibition

The 2014 summer thesis exhibition for the MFA in Studio Art program features six graduating artists. The work of Miguel Navarro, Joy Moore, Nikki Moser, Erin Barach, Ashley Lathe, and Laura Borneman will be on view to the public June 28th through July 12th, 2014 in the Fox Building Decker Gallery and the Graduate Studio Center Sheila & Richard Riggs Gallery. Learn more about the individual thesis exhibitions below or on the Class of 2014 page.


Navarro 5x7 shot N

“I am interested in the individual parts, unconscious gestures, and gaps in intentionality that inform the totality of a structure – social, architectural, or psychological.”

– Miguel Navarro


Nikki Moser Decker Well Springville PA

“Hydro Fracking, used to release gas from shale bed deep in the earth, ripples through social, ecological, and economic veins of my community. This work maps my observation and leaves room for you to seek meaning and possibly re-evaluate your response to the topic of my inquiry.”

– Nikki Moser


2_Joy Moore_These Things Are Killing Me

“As observer, consumer, producer, and subverter, I generate visual and performative inquiry into human conditions:

What modes and alternative forms can resistance or dynamic activity take?

What do gestures distilled from the deluge of noise look like?

How can one demonstrate the refusal to be ‘written off’?”

– Joy Moore



“What is our role as spectators in re-presenting the artifacts of our own past?”

– Ashe Lathe


1. Round and Round

“In my work, perception of place is fictionalized into invented structures and scenes that are not literal, but are expressive of states of mind, imagination, and fantasy.”

Laura Borneman



“Found marks and the potential of open interpretations point me to the unstable and overlooked present.”

– Erin Barach



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