A Guide to Artist Residencies Features Renee Van der Stelt

MFAST alumnus Michael Dax Iacovone recently wrote an article for bmoreart entitled A Guide to Artist Residencies. The article features short interviews and insights from three different artists based in Baltimore, MD, including MFAST mentor and faculty member Renee Van der Stelt. Renee has done several residencies in the United States and abroad, most recently at Kaus Australis in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She provided several important tips on successfully attending artist residencies. Below is an excerpt from the article:

Residencies are one way to leave behind responsibilities and daily routines for a while to reflect and focus and to make new work.  It’s a chance to be in a new context that caused me to be more present in the day and helped me to deeply focus on the work. The process of meeting and talking with other artists is welcome and important to the experience. I have many friends in various cities and countries now – simply because of close friendships formed through long talks during walks, or in the studio or over dinner.

Renee Van der Stelt

Read Michael Dax Iacovone’s article in its entirety here.


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