Recent Review in the Kansas City Star of Davin Watne’s Current Exhibition

Davin Watne graduated from the MFA in Studio Art program in the summer of 2013. His paintings are currently on view at Rachel Cozad Fine Art in a two-person show entitled Angela Fraleigh and Davin Watne: New Work.  The Kansas City Star recently did an in depth review of the exhibit with thoughtful commentary and observation on the artist’s work. Below is an excerpt from the article:

“The canvas of “Cathexis Eye” is diamond shaped. At first glance, the work presents a single image of a female eye, heavily lidded, festooned with mascara and shimmering in metallic makeup. The painting begins in matte, flat Caucasian flesh color that builds in luminosity as the geometric planes fracture. Near to the iris, the marks break down into almost Rorschach-like symmetrical patterning.

Up close, the marks evoke a J.M.W. Turner seascape, and the whiplash lines of the eyebrow become a beautiful excuse for linear mark making. The imagery seems on the cusp of dissolving. Through beautiful and microscopic paint manipulations, the artist invites us to look past the image of an eye and to go instead into the optical pixilated world of shape and color.

In a recent interview, Watne said the work addresses desire and how we are attracted by advertising and yet cognizant of how it manipulates us. The eye seduces us into a pure swoon of visual pleasure, and we cannot stop looking, just as Watne himself is “hopelessly attracted to these aesthetic forms.”

Angela Fraleigh and Davin Watne: New Work continues at Rachel Cozad Fine Art in Kansas City through April 18, 2014. Hours are by appointment. Read the Kansas City Star review in its entirety here.


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