Current MFAST Student Nikki Moser Interviewed About Art and Fracking

Nikki Moser is part of the MFAST Class of 2014. As she finalizes a new body of work for her thesis exhibtion this coming summer, people are already taking notice of her controversial subject matter.

A recent article about Moser’s work, entitled Art and Fracking, was published on the website SHALEREPORTER, a self-described collection of “news, information, and opinion about frakking, drilling, and politics in the Marcellus Shale region.”

Moser delicately explores all of these issues in her sculptures, installations, and social engagement projects. Below are two short excerpts from the article:

“They are seductive and menacing,” says Moser, who lives in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, and talks about both her work and the drilling going on in neighboring townships in poetic terms. “Scary and alluring, violent and beautiful.”

“The idea was to present the material in a neutral manner,” says Moser. “We presented form and information, then it was the viewers’ job to locate themselves within the dilemma.”

(Text courtesy of SHALEREPORTER. Read the article in its entirety here.).


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