Leah Cooper 2013 Baker Artist Award b-grant Winner

Leah Cooper is an MFAST alum Class of 2009. She is a Baker Artist Award b-grant prize winner and is featured in the exhibition “b” is for Baltimore: Baker Artist Awards 2013 b-grant Winners. She is one of only two visual arts finalists, the other one being Robby Rackleff from the Mount Royal MFA program at MICA.

The Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance and MICA’s MFA in Curatorial Practice Class of 2015 present “b” is for Baltimore: Baker Artist Awards 2013 b-grant Winners, which brings the characteristic creative energy of the 2013 Baker Artist Awards b-grant prize winners to the heart of Charm City. This year, the awards honored 9 emerging and established artists who embody the quality, diversity, and creative spirit of the greater Baltimore area’s art scene. Through choreography, dance, installation, music, poetry, video, or writing, each artist brings a novel complexity to the tradition of his or her medium. Showcasing these artists together gives Baltimoreans the opportunity to celebrate and explore the versatile vitality of their talented and engaging artistic community.

The exhibition takes place at D Center in Baltimore, Maryland December 5 -15, 2013. The opening reception is December 5th from 5 to 7 pm. There are also several events in conjunction with the exhibition. See the full listing at bgrant2013.wordpress.com/events


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