Currencies: Real and Imagined Features Ashley Lathe (MFAST ’14)

Currencies: Real and Imagined is an exhibition by Core Visual Art, a collective of six former Affiliate Artists at McColl Center for Visual Art, who work both individually and collaboratively. The members of Core include: Daniel Allegrucci, Crista Camarroto, Diane Hughes, Ashley Lathe, Laura McCarthy and Felicia van Bork.

Currencies references not only money, but anything that is used as a medium of exchange, in this instance, the flow and exchange of ideas between group members that result in individual and collaborative works. Featured in the exhibition is a new dialogic piece titled State Currencies in which members created new currency for each of the fifty states in response to recent agitation by state groups to separate and form their own countries.

During the opening reception, visitors will be invited to participate in a large, interactive performance work in which the art, the artists and visitor’s interactions merge to create something new informed by themes of contemporaneity – current time and space, flow and exchange—highlighting the nature of the creative process.

– McColl Center for Visual Art Press Release

Currencies: Real and Imagined runs from November 22, 2013 – January 11, 2014. Find out more at

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