MFAST Faculty Renee van der Stelt Reflects on her Residency in the Netherlands

Kaus Australis is an artist residency on the North edge of the Rotterdam, NL. Facilities include a large, private loft with shared kitchen, shower & toilet. As one of the resident artists in August and September, I quickly realized how safe and wonderful the city was to explore by bike (provided). During my stay, four local artists from Rotterdam rented spaces next to artists from Argentina, Scotland, Switzerland, Korea and New York.  Most days were spent in healthy combination of working alone followed by shared dinners in late evenings. Friendships were formed through conversations about politics, food, and artwork by a wide range of artists from diverse countries. Bike and train rides were taken to Rotterdam galleries and museums. Day trips to museums in area cities like Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Den Haag, Dordtrecht were easily possible. I will not regret taking time to visit Texel on the North sea in high wind and rain, camera and audio in hand.

At the end of the residency, Kaus Australis hosted a generous closing exhibition for artists to share the work. Those who came to see the show were not rushed, but stayed to talk and ask questions about the work in a way that felt like a gift. In addition to the exhibition, we were invited to talk about older work with artists from B.A.D, TENT, and Het Wilde Weten. Hearing artists talk about their work in an intimate setting along with the public was time well spent. The experience broadened my mind in ways I am still searching to articulate.

– Renee van der Stelt, October, 2013


Find out more about Kaus Australis here, and see other works by Renee van der Stelt on her website.



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