Jacqueline Bishop Featured as Writer and Artist on Huffington Post and Fickle Grey Beast

Jacqueline Bishop (MFAST ’16) is an award-winning photographer-painter-writer born and raised in Jamaica, who now lives and works in New York City (“Jamaica’s 15th Parish”). Recently she wrote an article entitled Exploring the Art of Female Desire for the Huffington Post, in which she discussed her latest artistic explorations upon entering the MFA in Studio Art program at MICA this past summer. Below is an excerpt:

I started taking baby steps, those hot yellows days in Baltimore, where I would walk from where I was living, over a beautiful multi-colored bridge, to the studios that I had in a recently reconstructed building on the Maryland Institute College of Art campus. It so happens that in crossing over that candy-colored bridge on the way to my studios I would look down into the dark green waters of a river rushing below, and I would continually ask myself what it is that I wanted, as a visual artist, and maybe even as a writer, to further investigate, even as I already knew the answer to that question.

It is just that the answer frightened me so much.

I slowly started to broach the subject to others around me, that I was interested in female sexual desires, that I had a sense of what male desires are, indeed, they seem to be all around me, but female sexual desires seemed more effusive and elusive. Lots of giggles from the women. Lots of backroom discussions with the men. And still I kept wondering, How does one even begin to form a picture in one’s mind of what it is that women want sexually? I would, of course, have to ask the women around me what they wanted and it is in this way that my Female Desires project got started.

(text courtesy of the Huffington Post)

Bishop was also interviewed for the blog, Food for the Fickle Grey Beast, in a piece entitled The Haunted:

I think I am haunted.  I’m haunted by memory, by personal memory, and historical memory.  I think it stems from being an immigrant artist here in America, often looking back to where I’m from –from Jamaica.  I feel refracted.  Always setting one place alongside another.  Here in New York –where I’ve lived much of my life—I’m always superimposing landscapes.  I see a landscape up in Connecticut and simultaneously I see a Jamaican landscape superimposed. 

(text courtesy of the Fickle Grey Beast)


Jacqueline Bishop has twice been awarded Fulbright Fellowships, including a year-long grant to Morocco; her work exhibits widely in North America, Europe and North Africa. She teaches in the Liberal Studies Program at New York University, is the founding editor of Calabash: A Journal of Caribbean Art & Letters, and author of The River’s Song, a novel about growing up in Jamaica. Find out more at her website.


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