Solange Roberdeau & Fritz Horstman: The Dispersal and Recollection of Knowledge

Horstman (MFAST ’11) and Roberdeau (MFAST ’12) create work that looks into the systems of knowledge that create our realities. Both artists focus on the quietest aspects of their daily environments, seeking to find in those details evidence of the qualities that transform light, landscapes and “presentness” into knowledge.

There are overlapping questions in both artists’ work about human nature and perception and our relationship to the broader ecological systems of which we are a part. The modes of presenting their findings are diverse, reflecting the ubiquity of the subject.

Roberdeau employs photography, video and drawing to investigate the synergetic forms that emerge from the coupling of immediate locales with her own physical acts that interrupt, respond to, or play with them. Each work bears the unmistakable quality of having been made with her hands -whether as hand-sewn drawings or as photographic framing devices.

Horstman makes drawings, photographs, installations, objects, sound, and videos. His work explores the constantly shifting membrane between nature and culture. Its fluctuations are a reflection of the delicate balances kept between the systems of nature and the systems of humans. In focusing on that membrane, Horstman produces a form of knowledge that can only be the product of a wayfaring exploration.

Roberdeau, a Mendocino native, and Horstman, of Connecticut, recently received their Masters of Fine Arts from Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD.

The Dispersal and Recollection of Knowledge is on view August 2nd – September 28, 2013.

Opening Party, Friday August 2, 5 – 8pm

Artist Talks, Saturday August 3, 6pm

(text courtesy of Lost Coast Culture Machine)


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