Theater is Not a Dirty Word: bmoreart Interviews Tobin Rothlein (MFAST ’13)

While I would say all of our work is clearly different, their are unintentional ideas, or theoretical frameworks that unite. We have been in the same critical theory course for years now, and we are all close. So yes, our own directions but with shared influence. When you see the show it looks as though we are from a school. MFAST 2013 has that feeling of a school. I think we are all interested in the visual language of the work we make, the semiotics, to differing degrees of course. But these shows all interact with the viewer and challenge traditional notions of image and meaning making. I think we all believe art can be whatever it wants to be, and we understand that the work is not us. It’s a hard question, and I’m probably leaning the answer towards my interests, but I think that is what we share.

– Tobin Rothlein on bmore<art>

Tobin Rothlein is a Philadelphia-based artist and member of the MFAST Class of 2013. bmore<art> recently interviewed him about his work, graduate school, and other professional projects. Read the interview here and see more of Tobin’s work at


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