“Drawing the Undifferentiated” by Leah Cooper (MFAST ’09) at VisArts

Captivated by the everyday, Leah Cooper’s focus often narrows to the smallest of cracks on the sidewalk and the faintest of shadows on the wall. Through the exploration of unnoticed properties of the everyday she aims to formulate work that examines an expanded notion of drawing, questions the edge of perceptibility, and reconsiders the role of art object in relation to audience. Within these investigations her intent is to produce work that yields questions rather than asserts conclusions.

Working outside the conventional notion of drawing, notating a physical site rather than rendering an illusory version of that site, Cooper will create a site responsive drawing in the Common Ground Gallery. Viewers will literally step into and become part of Cooper’s drawing when they enter the gallery.

Cooper’s installation drawing expands the premise of the exhibition, “Speed and Pressure,” currently featured in the Kaplan Gallery at VisArts. “Drawing the Undifferentiated” stimulates fresh ideas about seeing, space and drawing.

The exhibition will be on view Friday, June 28th – Saturday, July 27th in the Common Ground Gallery (2nd floor) of VisArts in Rockville, MD. The opening reception is on Friday, June 28th 7 – 9 pm. VisArts is a dynamic, nonprofit arts center dedicated to engaging the community in the arts and providing opportunities for artistic exploration, education and participation.


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