Craig Krull Gallery in Los Angeles Exhibits Objects by MFAST Alumna Dianne Pappas

Dianne Pappas’ simple sculptural forms made from common materials are often employed in larger, site-specific installations that focus on the relationship between mathematical and visual thinking.  These intimate objects were recently included in a solo exhibition tiled Recall at The Gallery at The Archer School for Girls.  The handheld scale may suggest objects of play, calculation and communication such as dominoes, abaci, and cell phones.  The box-like forms and the idea of cerebral games relate to DuChamp’s Valise and his obsession with chess.  Formally, the elemental shapes recall the purity of Cycladic Art from her Greek ancestry.  Pappas’ application of thick white paint on rough-hewn abstract forms also parallels the ancient and modern impulses of Cy Twombly.

– Craig Krull

Additional images:

pappas 2

pappas 3

pappas 4


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