“Folds and Edges” by Elena Volkova (MFAST ’07) at the Theatre Project

Folds and Edges” will be on view at the John Fonda Gallery at the Theatre Project in Baltimore, MD from January 11th to February 10th, 2013.  It is a series of silverpoint drawings that brings attention to simple overlooked moments of the everyday.  In this body of work, Volkova focuses on the relationship between the real and the imaginary and the way the marginal and the peripheral exist as the main subject of the work.  In the Edge, a series of 20×30 silverpoints, the viewer is invited to examine the drawing of a shadow in the relationship to the actual shadow casted on the wall.  The Folds is a 21-drawing series that resulted from a large piece of paper folded seven times; it is presented on the shelf next to the drawings.

Elena Volkova was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine and moved to the U.S. in 1994. She earned two degrees from the Maryland Institute College of Art: an MFA in Studio Arts as well as a BFA in Photography.

Elena’s current body of work follows the post-minimalist aesthetic and focuses on the idea of liminal space, as well as legibility and the limited amount of information that is needed for a viewer to perceive a subject.  Volkova’s work brings attention to the everyday overlooked moments as well as addresses the viewer’s interaction with an art space.

Volkova has received several recognitions and awards, including the Janis Meyer Traveling Fellowship, Hamiltonian Artists Fellowship, Sondheim semi-finalist award, Drawing Center Viewing Program, as well as Vermont Studio Fellowship.  Her work has been an ongoing part of Art in Embassies program, exhibiting work in Singapore and Burma.

Volkova resides in Baltimore, MD.  Visit elanavolkova.com.


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