MFAST Mentor/ Alumni Collaboration: “Drawing the Found Line”

“Drawing the Found Line” is a series of site-generated drawings by MFAST alumni Jassie Rios (2011) and faculty mentor Renee van der Stelt on view at Artisphere till November 2012.

Artists Jassie Rios and Renee van der Stelt collaborate to produce a series of site-generated drawings. The intention is to find and follow lines of sound, movement, light and space through traditional drawing strategies as well as through the use of audio and video equipment. When working in WIP Gallery, both artists will engage overlooked space, light and sound as well as the ephemeral movements that occur in and around the gallery through various drawing strategies that expand the definition of drawing beyond the page.

I use drawing as acts of experimental notations, traces, descriptions, recordings and marks in space. Through drawings, that contain text, moving image and sound, my work focuses on everything in and around locations of transience. I am most interested in the threshold between perception and description, and the ways in which each questions and informs the other. I pay attention to the things that are hidden not in the obscure but in the obvious.” – Jassie Rios

Drawing is a vehicle of action that brings to view the things not initially known and seen. Drawing is a strategy to explore experience informed by language, but also to explore experience outside of language.  Drawing encourages independent thought. It is a direct manifestation of assumptions through skill of hand and mind. A completed drawing is only one of many possible answers. Drawing is a question.” – Renee van der Stelt


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